2015 Freight Day IV

Session 1: Updates from UofT and Governmental Partner
Moderator: M. Roorda
Multi-Modal Freight Analysis at Transport CanadaAlexander Gregory, Transport Canada
Urban Goods MovementAnthony Caruso, Metrolinx
Peel Goods MovementSabbir Saiyed, Region of Peel
Session 2: Advances in Freight Data and Modelling
Moderator: Chris Bachmann
Transforming Transportation System Analysis Using Truck GPS DataJason Li, MTO
Using Edmonton’s Tour Based Commercial Vehicle ModelNico Malfara, University of Toronto (now with Parsons Consulting)
Truck Freight Generator and Attractors in the Province of OntarioMark Ferguson, McMaster University
The Problem of Missing DataMalvika Rudra, University of Toronto (Now with MTO)
Sessions 3: Innovation in Retail Delivery 
Moderator: TBA
Off-Peak DeliveriesMatt Verrall, MTO
A Peer to Peer Matching System for Grocery Home DeliveryAmin Sazavar, UofT
Locating Urban Consolidation CentresMehdi Nourinejad, UofT
Session 4: Optimizing Freight Systems
Moderator: Matt Roorda
Emission Minimization Vehicle Routing using Simulated Driving CyclesGlareh Amiriamshindi, UofT
Improving Waste Management Using Remote SensingMehdi, Nourinejad UofT
Impact of Trade Agreements on
Canada’s Transportation System
Chris Bachmann
Chris Bachmann, UofT