Building upon our research expertise and working relationships with both the public and private sectors, UTTRI  seeks solutions to pressing problems facing our cities, such as: cost-effective suburban transit systems; politically acceptable road pricing systems for network performance optimization; dynamic real-time control of road and transit systems for capacity maximization; improved urban logistics systems for goods movements; improved urban and street design for walking and cycling; etc.

The University of Toronto is the ideal location for UTTRI, not just because it is the leading transportation research school in Canada, but also due to its location in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s largest and North America’s fourth largest city.  The Toronto region presents a host of challenging, critical transportation problems that are begging for systematic, evidence-based analysis and innovative solutions.  At UTTRI, using the Toronto region as our living laboratory, we will invent, test and implement creative new approaches to cost-effectively building 21st Century urban transportation systems that will make Toronto an example to cities across the globe.