Transformative Transportation ’19 – iCity CATTS Symposium

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On June 26, 2019, the iCity Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS) will host its second annual research day, Transformative Transportation ’19, chaired by Professor Baher Abdulhai, Research Director.

By invitation only.

Agenda (Click to download PDF)


In July 2017, The University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) launched the iCity Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS). The research centre was established to quantify and guide the transformation of transportation systems in the era of rapid innovations in vehicular technologies and in provisioning of transportation as a service. The iCity-CATTS is the first research centre of its kind in North America to address the large-scale impacts of disruptive transportation technologies and services on our cities. It is a multi-disciplinary multi-sector collaboration that gathers academia, industry, technology experts, and the government. The centre’s mission is to guide societal transformation into a positive and sustainable direction, avoid the emergence of counterproductive travel trends, and emboldens Ontario cities as leaders in North America and the world.