Ontario Road Safety Forum – 3rd Meeting, March 6, 2018 – Presentations

Theme: Matters of Size – From Child to Truck Safety Research

Built for Walking: Safe Environments for Active Transportation
Andrew Howard, MD, FRCSC, MSc, and Linda Rothman, BScOT, PhD, Child Health Evaluative Sciences, Hospital for Sick Children.

A Question of Size: Involvement of Large Trucks in Road Crashes
Steve Brown, Research Associate, Data Collection, Traffic Injury Research Foundation.

Truck Safety in Ontario: Past, Present and Future
Sarah Plonka and Josh Hanna, Road Safety Research Office, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Research on Limiting Distraction, Trucks and VRU Safety
Peter Burns, Chief, Human Factors and Crash Avoidance, Motor Vehicle Safety Directorate, Transport Canada.

Theme: Connecting Road Safety Research to Practice, and Vice Versa

  • Safety Research/Knowledge Needs at the Municipal Level

Safety Research and Knowledge Needs at the Municipal Level
Bob Henderson, Manager, Transportation Engineering, Region of Waterloo.

  • Graduate Student Research Presentations

Risk Analysis Tool for Safety Management of Railway Grade Crossings in Canada
Lalita Thakali, University of Waterloo

Winter Road Safety
Taimur Usman, University of Waterloo

Development of Crash Modification Factors for Provincial Highways in Ontario
Alireza Jafari, Ryerson University

Immersive Head Mounted Virtual Reality Based Safety Analysis of Smartphone Distracted Pedestrians at Street Crossing
Arash Kalatian, Ryerson University

Anticipatory Driving in Automated Vehicles
Dengbo He, University of Toronto

Searching for Street Parking: Effects on Driver Physiology, Behaviour and Visual Attention Allocation
Canmanie Teresa Ponnambalam, University of Toronto

Prevalence of Engagement in Single vs. Multiple Types of Secondary Tasks: Results from Naturalistic Data
Martina Risteska, University of Toronto

Development of Zonal Level Prediction Models for Crimes Reduction and Traffic Safety Improvement
Seun Daniel Oluwajana, York University

Assessment of the Impacts of Surrounding Trucks on Rear-end Crash Risk
Dhwani Shah, University of Windsor

The Effects of Cycle Tracks Installation on the Spatial Distribution of Cyclist-Motor Vehicle Collisions in Toronto, Canada
Rebecca Ling, University of Toronto