Dr. Judy Farvolden: Preparing society for 21st century transportation

Audience and presenter

Dr. Judy Farvolden “Preparing Society for 21st Century Transportation” March 22, 2018 in St. Louis.

UTTRI Executive Director Dr. Judy Farvolden presented “Preparing Society for 21st Century Transportation” as part of an “Innovation Day” for Enterprise Holdings. The March 22 workshop was organized by Tata Consulting Services in St. Louis.

Dr. Farvolden explained how cities worldwide are preparing for growth while coping with environmental, fiscal and social challenges and that part of the solution will be to develop New Mobility travel options that are automated, connected, electric and shared. Cities seek good private sector partners to help them explore these solutions. Dr. Farvolden argued that successful New Mobility companies will be those that help cities address their challenges by delivering win-win-win outcomes.