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Two Short Courses on Public Transit are intensive professional development sessions which have been offered annually at University of Toronto since 2010.  The courses comprise a practical guide to public transit planning, modelling and ITS applications.

The program is designed for practising public transit professionals or those involved in the transportation and planning industry who have an interest in public transit planning and ITS. If you are new to the field and wish to have some formal exposure to the fundamentals, or if you have been practising for some time and wish to undertake a refresher and be exposed to recent state-of-the-art developments, then these short courses could form part of your professional development program.

It is expected that those involved in planning, designing and operating transit services at various levels of government will find value in the two courses. Consultants involved in traffic and public transit planning and ITS will also find the courses useful and relevant. Members of the general public with an interest in public transit are also invited to attend.

  1. Public Transit Planning & ITS (August 13-14, 2018) – Course Outline.
  2. Public Transit Modelling (August 15, 2018) – Course Outline.

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Posted May 25, 2018