UTTRI presents at 2019 Canadian International AutoShow

Stage with speaker at podium and panelists seated in chairs under gigantic screen

Judy Farvolden and UTTRI panel, John Bassett Theatre, Canadian International AutoShow, Feb. 20, 2019 (photo courtesy Toronto Star)

The University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) was proud to present, for the first time, at the Canadian International AutoShow on February 20, 2019.

Billed as “a seminar on urban transit in the future” the 90-minute session took place in the John Bassett Theatre and featured a series of speakers – academics, City of Toronto and industry – presenting short, punchy talks on everything from the “costs of congestion” to how to re-imagine parking in the age of autonomous vehicles.

Toronto Star Wheels columnist Norris McDonald welcomed the AutoShow audience to the seminar on the future of transportation by UTTRI, and talked about the AutoShow tradition of presenting discussions, roundtables and seminars “on where the industry is going.”

speaker at podium, hand gesture

Dr. Judy Farvolden, UTTRI presentation, Feb. 20, 2019, Canadian International AutoShow

Dr. Judy Farvolden, UTTRI Executive Director, opened the event with an introductory presentation about UTTRI and its mission of making transportation research meaningful and useful. Video clip of Judy Farvolden’s opening presentation.

Seven panelists made presentations from the John Bassett Theatre stage:


  • “The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector in the Age of Digital Disruption” Professor David Wolfe, Co-Director, Innovation Policy Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto. Video clip of David Wolfe’s presentation.






Dr. Farvolden closed with a summary of the far-reaching impact of transportation research:

Why is this work important to us? Because transportation is not just how we get from our homes to work, school, family, shopping, etc. Transportation has implications for almost every important issue we face in the region – economic development, employment opportunities, environmental sustainability, and our health – now and in the future.

Video clip of Judy Farvolden’s closing presentation.

View complete videorecording of the presentations. Video credit and thanks to the 2019 Canadian International AutoShow.

The Toronto Star generously agreed to posting of the article Panel generates ideas to break Toronto’s gridlock by Perry Lefko, published February 23, 2019.