UTTRI Director Eric J. Miller Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from International Association for Travel Behavior Research

Updated August 30, 2018. Professor Eric J. Miller,  as winner of the IATBR Lifetime Achievement Award, presented a lecture at the IATBR conference on July 19. Video of his presentation is now available on the IATBR2018 YouTube channel here.

Eric Miller IATBR Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture 2018

Eric Miller delivers the IATBR Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture, July 19, 2018.

Professor Miller’s half hour seminar, “Travel Demand Models, the Next Generation: Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before,” focused on where travel demand modelling is going “or perhaps needs to go,” a look at the future possibilities of the field.

Miller concluded his seminar with sincere thanks to others who spurred him on to the research achievements celebrated by the award.

“Many, many ‘thank yous’ to all my mentors, my colleagues, all the people I’ve worked with, but most importantly, my students. I really view this award as an award to my students, at least as much as it is to me, because they’re the ones that have really enabled everything. They’re the ones that made the journey worthwhile,” he said in closing.


Three on stage, one holds plaque and shakes hands with another.

Professor Eric J. Miller, centre, accepts IATBR Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research. At left: Professor Kouros Mohammadian, University of Illinois at Chicago, one of Miller’s first PhD students. At right: IATBR Chair, Professor Elisabetta Cherchi, Newcastle University)  (Photo credit: Professor Chandra Bhat, University of Austin at Texas)

Toronto, ON, Release: July 19, 2018. For Immediate Release.

The International Association for Travel Behavior Research (IATBR) has awarded Eric J. Miller their 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, citing his profound impact on the field of travel behaviour research over the course of his celebrated 38-year career.

The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award to Eric J. Miller, a plaque and a symbolic monetary award of $1000, was presented on July 18, 2018 at the IATBR International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Miller is Director of the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute and Professor in the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Eric Miller is flanked by a well-wishing UTTRI contingent at IATBR as he displays his Lifetime Achievement Award plaque

Eric Miller is flanked by a well-wishing UTTRI contingent at IATBR as he displays his Lifetime Achievement Award plaque, July 18, 2018. (L-R: Jason Hawkins, Adam Weiss, Catalina Parada, Eric Miller, Khandker Nurul Habib, Zohreh Rashedi, Dena Kasraian)

About Miller’s Work

Miller’s research focuses on the interactions between humans, urban land use, transportation and the environment. Much of his research simulates the travel and activities of humans of various socio-economic groups within their urban environment, and how their activities and environment change as a result of land use and transportation policy. Eric’s research contributions have had extensive and long-term impact on the understanding of travel behavior and the evaluation of transport and land use policy.

Miller made very large impacts by founding and directing several institutions, centres, and educational programs, including the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute, the University of Toronto Cities Centre, the Engineering Science Program in Infrastructure Engineering and the Travel Modelling Group.

He has provided consistent leadership for transportation research organizations, as well as playing an influential role in the public realm.

Among Miller’s greatest contributions are the education of future leaders in Canada and abroad. With excellence and dedication, he taught the next generation of transportation engineers and planners. His former students number in the thousands and make up a substantial portion of the Canadian transportation engineering and planning community.

Group of four

Portrait of Eric Miller with former students at IATBR. L-R: Habib, Eric Miller, Kouros Mohammadian, Bilal Farooq. (Photo: Bilal Farooq)

About the IATBR Lifetime Achievement Award

The International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR) is an international organization of scholars, researchers, practitioners, consultants, and public agency professionals dedicated to the advancement of travel behaviour research.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are chosen by a selection committee which reviews nominations. It is awarded every three years and bestowed at the IATBR International Triennial Meeting. Among the criteria of the selection committee are that the recipient:

  • Has made fundamental and sustained contributions to travel behaviour research for a substantial period (typically at least 25 years) up to the present time;
  • Is widely known, at the very least among the IATBR community, and
  • Has influenced the field through writings, teaching, service, and nurturing of younger professionals.


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