Our Work

cube (1 of 1)UTTRI brings together 25 experts from engineering, economics, policy, urban geography and planning and computer science. Individually, UTTRI members are internationally renowned for high quality research in transportation from the perspectives of engineering, science and humanities.

Current Projects: Waterfront Toronto Survey

Collectively, their expertise and knowledge span the domains required to analyse practical problems in transportation policy and decision making

  • from strategic policy formulation and integrated transportation network planning and land use modelling to operational management
  • across every urban transportation mode used by drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and transit riders,
  • considering the implications on economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • resting on a solid foundation of survey methods that have resulted in comprehensive travel data collected over decades on which performance measures have been built.


  • The Transportation Tomorrow Survey is the largest on-going urban travel survey program in the world.
  • The ITS Centre and Testbed provides an instrumented, multijurisdictional, multiagency transportation operations
  • The microsimulation traffic model of the Greater Toronto Area accurately simulates traffic patterns allowing transportation analysts to study the impacts of a wide range of scenarios.

Survey Methods

  • Smartphone-based automated activity-travel data collection
  • Data augmentation to supplement regional household travel survey data

Strategic Policy Formulation

  • Public private partnerships
  • Transportation requirements for international trade
  • Infrastructure planning, development and financing for environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Local and regional innovation systems and industrial clusters
  • Implications on transportation planning of networked and distributed work

Tactical Planning Models

  • Integrated models of traffic simulation, vehicle emissions and population exposure
  • Multimodal transportation and traffic flow microsimulation
  • Integrated travel demand and land use modelling
  • Public transportation planning and operations
  • Demand forecasting/modelling/management
  • Transportation planning for massive events
  • Models of logistics goods movements
  • Modelling extreme events
  • Urban metabolism

Operations Technology

  • Public transit operations
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Infrastructure management
  • Automated vehicle supervisory control
  • MARLIN adaptive traffic signal control technology
  • Techno-economic and environmental performance of alternative fuels and vehicles systems