The iCity Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS) is a research centre for analyzing and quantifying transformation within transportation systems in the era of advanced technologies and automation.

The iCity-CATTS is the first research centre of its kind in North America to address the large-scale impacts of disruptive transportation technologies and services on our cities. It is a multi-disciplinary multi-sector collaboration that gathers academia, industry, technology experts, and the government.

The centre was created to guide societal transformation in a positive direction, avoid the emergence of counterproductive travel trends, and emboldens Ontario cities as leaders in North America and the world. The iCity-CATTS builds on the strength of UTTRI, one of Canada’s largest transportation research institutes, which particularly excels in large-scale transportation systems analysis.

We aim to build the foundational analytical tools necessary to measure and assess the performance of a full scale regional transportation system from three perspectives:

  1. Quantifying the large-scale effects and implications of emerging transformative transportation technologies via a set of analytical investigations, surveys, and modelling pertinent to passenger and freight demand and dynamic infrastructure systems (supply);
  2. Developing a set of tools to assist and enable positive transformation, encourage Mobility as a Service (MaaS), multi-modal integration, smart infrastructure control and management, and curb space management in busy urban cores; and,
  3. Guiding the transformation process toward economically, socially and environmentally sustainable smart cities.

Contact information:

Professor Baher Abdulhai, Director (On leave July 1/18 – June 30/19)
Email: baher.abdulhai@utoronto.ca
Phone: (416) 946-5036
Website: http://catts.ca

Professor Amer Shalaby, Associate Director, and Acting Director from July 1/18 – June 30/19
Email: amer@ecf.utoronto.ca
Phone: (416) 978-5907