iCity-CATTS: Partners

The iCity Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS) is a multi-disciplinary multi-sector collaboration that brings researchers, practitioners, and governments to create analytical tools to test and assess transportation options to achieve the goals of both the transportation industry and government interests in operating and regulating cities.

Our research team includes researchers from:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of Waterloo
  3. Ryerson University, and
  4. University of California Irvine.

Our industrial partners are:

  1. General Motors Canada
  2. Esri Canada
  3. IBI Group
  4. The Residential Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO)
  5. The Atmospheric Fund (TAF), and
  6. The industry-led CUTRIC conglomerate.

From the public sector, we are partnering with:

  1. City of Toronto
  2. City of Mississauga
  3. Region of Peel
  4. Region of York
  5. MaRS Innovation, and
  6. Waterfront Toronto.