Heather MacLean

Selected Professional Appointments

Associate Chair, Research, and Professor, Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering
Cross appointments, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and the School of Public Policy and Governance, School of the Environment

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My research expertise is in the evaluation of conventional and alternative energy and infrastructure systems. The focus over the last number of years has been on modeling the techno-economic and environmental performance of bioenergy systems (for transportation and electricity generation), unconventional fossil resources (oil sands-derived fuels) and alternative fuels/propulsion systems for vehicles. Much of the research has incorporated life cycle and techno-economic approaches. The research is interdisciplinary, incorporating environmental, civil, chemical and mechanical engineering, economics and public policy components. Over the last number of years I have worked closely with both the public and private sectors in a large set of research projects in the above areas.

Specialty Focus Areas

Life cycle assessment; alternative fuels and vehicles; techno-economic and environmental assessment.

Email: heatherl.maclean@utoronto.ca
Phone: (416) 946-5056
Website: http://civmin.utoronto.ca/home/about-us/directory/professors/heather-maclean/

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