Student Theses

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YearDegree ProgramAuthor (Last, First)Supervisor (Last, First)Title of Thesis
2019BAScAdhikari, SnehaRoorda, Matthew J. and Kasraian, DenaEvaluating Pedestrian Preference of Walkable Streets using a Stated Preference Survey
2018MAAllen, JeffFarber, Steven Mapping Inequalities of Access to Employment and Quantifying Transport Poverty in Canadian Cities
2019MAScAzizi Soldouz, SinaHabib, Khandker NurulUnderstanding the impact of connected and automated vehicles for pedestrians with sight loss
2019PhDBahrami, SinaRoorda, Matthew J.Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Parking and Congestion
2018MAScDeng, Puyuan (Paul)Roorda, Matthew J. A Vehicle Routing Problem with Movement Synchronization of Drones, Sidewalk Robots, or Foot-Walkers
2018PhDDianat, LeilaMiller, Eric J. and Habib, Khandker NurulMicrosimulating Week-Long Out-of-Home Travel/Activity Patterns
2019MAScItani, AlaaShalaby, AmerBus Bridging Decision-Support Toolkit: Optimization Framework and Policy Analysis
2017MAScLue, GregoryMiller, Eric J. Estimating a Toronto Pedestrian Route Choice Model using Smartphone GPS Data: It’s not the
destination, but the journey, that matters
2018MAScSingh, GagandeepRoorda, Matthew J. and Miller, Eric J.Logistics Sprawl: Spatial Patterns and Characteristics of New Warehousing Establishments in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area
2018MAScStogios, ChristosRoorda, Matthew J. and Hatzopoulou, MarianneInvestigating the Effects of Automated Vehicle Driving Operations on Road Emissions and Traffic Performance
2019MAScWang, BoRoorda, Matthew J.On-Street Parking Choice Models Based on a Stated Preference Game Simulation Survey
2013MAScWeiss, AdamHabib, Khandker NurulFramework for the Integration of a Parameterized Logit Captivity Model for Morning Commuting in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area with an Agent Based Dynamic Traffic Micro Simulation
2018PhDWeiss, AdamHabib, Khandker NurulExploring the Extent of Interactions in Activity-Based Models: A Critical Examination of Intra-Household and Spatial Interactions Through Choice Modelling
2018MAScChung, BrittanyHabib, Khandker Nurul and Miller, Eric J.Development of the TRAISI Web Survey Builder: Designing to Reduce Bias and Respondent Burden in Household Travel Surveys
2020MAScOlejarz, DanielRoorda, Matthew J. An Assessment of the Use of Autonomous Ground Vehicles for Last Mile Parcel Delivery
2020PhDHe, DengboDonmez, BirsenUnderstanding and Supporting Anticipatory Driving in Automated Vehicles
2019MAScKaya, Nazli E.Donmez, BirsenVisual Attention Failures Towards Vulnerable Road Users at Intersections: Results from On-road Studies
2020PhDYoung, MischaFarber, StevenWhat Happens when the Uber Tailpipe Smoke Clears: An Examination of the Impacts of Ride-hailing in Canada
2021MAScKouchakzadeh, Mostafa (Yaser)Roorda, Matthew J. Analyzing Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Traffic Congestion and Commercial Vehicles Travel Patterns within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area