Student Theses

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YearDegree ProgramAuthor (Last, First)Supervisor (Last, First)Title of Thesis
2018MAAllen, JeffFarber, Steven Mapping Inequalities of Access to Employment and Quantifying Transport Poverty in Canadian Cities
2017MAScLue, GregoryMiller, Eric J. Estimating a Toronto Pedestrian Route Choice Model using Smartphone GPS Data: It’s not the
destination, but the journey, that matters
2018MAScSingh, GagandeepRoorda, Matthew J.Logistics Sprawl: Spatial Patterns and Characteristics of New Warehousing Establishments in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area
2018MAScStogios, ChristosRoorda, Matthew J. and Hatzopoulou, MarianneInvestigating the Effects of Automated Vehicle Driving Operations on Road Emissions and Traffic Performance
2018MAScDeng, Puyuan (Paul)Roorda, Matthew J. A Vehicle Routing Problem with Movement Synchronization of Drones, Sidewalk Robots, or Foot-Walkers