An Urban Transportation Think Tank for Policy Analysis & System Design

UTTRI is a new initiative that brings the considerable depth and breadth of University of Toronto research to bear on real-world urban transportation problems from perspectives of engineering, humanities and science. It is a solution-oriented think tank that fills a critical gap between traditional academic basic research, professional consulting and public sector transportation planning and operations. Building upon our research expertise and working relationships with both the public and private sectors, UTTRI seeks solutions to pressing problems facing our cities, such as: cost-effective suburban transit systems; politically acceptable road pricing systems for network performance optimization; dynamic real-time control of road and transit systems for capacity maximization; improved urban logistics systems for goods movements; improved urban and street design for walking and cycling; etc.

How we design, build and operate our cities will directly determine our economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, health and social well-being. Major transportation challenges can be solved and major new opportunities can be exploited only through coordination and integration of multiple areas of research. The raison d’etre of UTTRI is to provide the coordination and integration needed to support large-scale, high-impact research, to provide the foundation for a comprehensive central hub for transportation-related research at the University of Toronto and to support research partnerships the University of Toronto establishes with other institutions around the world.