Paul M. Hess

Selected Professional Appointments

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Program in Planning
Associate Chair and Director, Graduate Programs in Planning

Paul HessDr. Hess’s teaching and research focus is on pedestrian environments and design, planning for activity transportation modes, and streets as public space. Dr. Hess has engaged in research on how built environments influence pedestrian activity for more than 15 years, with his early work pioneering measures of pedestrian network connectivity now in common use. His research current work is focused on: institutional and policy relationships to changes in urban and suburban development patterns; local mobility as a social justice issue for households with limited auto-access; the adaptation of immigrants to automobile dependent suburbs; and relationships between built environments, children’s transportation, and health.

Specialty Focus Areas

Pedestrian environments and design; planning for active transportation modes; streets as public space; suburban form and development; planning history.

Phone: (416) 946-3886