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Announcing "iCity 2.0: Urban Data Science for Future Mobility"

New urban data science research hub builds on strong partnerships

iCity 2.0: Urban Data Science for Future Mobility” is one of 15 projects funded by the Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence Round 10. The project, which will run for four years until 2024, received $3.9 million dollars which is being matched by institutional and industry support.

The project aims to improve accessibility and mobility, in support of heightened economic productivity, quality of life and environmental sustainability in Ontario, by advancing the design of urban transportation systems and “complete communities.” We will achieve this by focussing on three interrelated challenges facing cities today:

  • Managing the risks and reaping the benefits of emerging mobility services and trends such as ride hailing, ride sharing, on-demand transit, e-bikes and autonomous vehicles;
  • Developing new analysis tools and design concepts to plan, build, and evaluate complete communities in both retrofitted existing neighbourhoods and new developments; and
  • Transit route and tactical improvement strategies to meet GTHA travel needs.

iCity 2.0 follows our highly successful project “iCity: Urban Informatics for Sustainable Metropolitan Growth” (2015-2020) also funded by ORF, and builds on its successful leadership, partnerships and lessons learned.

The team

UTTRI Director Dr. Eric J. Miller is Principal Investigator, and Dr. Sara Diamond, President Emerita of OCAD University, is Co-Principal Investigator. Together they will lead a multidisciplinary team of 13 professors and 14 partners.

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