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Transit Analytics Lab launched

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Transit agencies today are confronted with unprecedented levels and types of transit ITS data, which call for effective processes and methods to transform such data into useful information. The volume and complexity of transit ITS data and the need for innovative processes will become an even greater challenge as initiatives of smart cities and connected vehicles and infrastructure continue to gain momentum

The new Transit Analytics Lab (TAL) is envisioned as a “live” lab for Big Data transit analytics, and will also serve as a collaborative research forum, with the aim of promoting data-driven decision-making and improvements to user experience.

TAL builds on the strength of UTTRI, one of Canada’s largest transportation research institutes and a recognized world leader in developing analytical tools and models of transport demand and performance.

TAL will undertake a wide range of activities including research and development, creation of a data analytics platform, workshops, an international symposium, education, and professional development training.

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