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As of September 1, 2022, some of this website is no longer kept current.  Research menu links here remain active.

Please click here to visit us at our new Mobility Network website for up-to-date content including news, events, people, knowledge clusters, and more!

Mobility Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of Mobility Network, a new Institutional Strategic Initiative (ISI) at the University of Toronto. As an ISI, Mobility Network will have a broad reach and a wide impact, with more opportunities to connect mobility researchers from across the university with a growing network of partners.

By leveraging the scale, scope, and strengths of a multidisciplinary, collaborative network of researchers across U of T’s campuses, Mobility Network will become a global leader in innovative mobility research that will have profound implications for people’s well-being, the planet’s future, and the potential of our growing cities to flourish equitably, sustainably and productively.

Mobility is fundamental to almost every aspect of our modern lives. In this “First Urban Century” mobility must enable all people to achieve their potential while protecting our planet.

Connecting U of T research and external partners, Mobility Network will:

  • Lead collaboration
  • Drive innovation
  • Guide solutions
  • Share knowledge
  • Equip the next generation of mobility innovators

Mobility Network is led by:

  • Dr. Eric Miller, University of Toronto St. George, Director
  • Dr. Shauna Brail, University of Toronto Mississauga, Associate Director
  • Dr. Steve Farber, University of Toronto, Scarborough, Associate Director
  • Dr. Judy Farvolden, Executive Director

Visit the Mobility Network website to learn more.

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