Electric vehicles part of the solution, says Posen

Head shot of I. Daniel Posen

I. Daniel Posen

UTTRI associated faculty Professor I. Daniel Posen was quoted in the article “Electric vehicles: the good, the bad, the context” posted online by BC’s Watershed Sentinel, February 20, 2020.

The article examines how the science of electric vehicles has changed over time, although incorrect assumptions linger.

“There was a time when you could make a serious argument against electric vehicles because of the battery manufacturing,” says Daniel Posen, assistant professor of civil & mineral engineering at the University of Toronto. “That time has passed.”

“Most would agree electric vehicles are part of the solution, and many would agree that they are a large part of the solution. And almost everyone would agree that they are not the only thing we need to do. They won’t be enough alone.”

Link to the full article “Electric vehicles: the good, the bad, the context.”