Engineering Dimensions features UTTRI associates

Nazli Kaya performs eye-tracking research for University of Toronto’s Human Factors and Applied Statistics Lab using an instrumented car. Photo by Laura Pedersen.

Professional Engineers Ontario’s Engineering Dimensions features University of Toronto recent graduate Nazli Kaya (MIE MASc 2019) on the cover of its January/February 2020 issue.

“How human factors engineering drives automotive design” by Marika Bigongiari features the work of the HFASt (Human Factors and Applied Statistics) Lab, where Kaya worked under the supervision of HFASt Director, UTTRI associated faculty Professor Birsen Donmez. The article examines the automotive industry’s incorporation of human factors into vehicle design.

The HFASt Lab conducts research on understanding and improving human behaviour and performance in multi-task and complex situations, using a wide range of analytical techniques. The application areas include surface transportation, healthcare, mining, and unmanned vehicle supervisory control.

Engineering Dimensions is published bimonthly by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and is distributed to all PEO-licensed professional engineers. The magazine provides information relevant to the practice of professional engineering and promotes awareness of the Professional Engineers Act and the activities of the association. The January/February 2020 issue explores “how the automotive industry has incorporated a human factors approach when designing vehicles; and in a nod to Canada’s aging population, we explore how engineers design technology within a human factors perspective to help people living with dementia lead more independent, dignified lives.”

Access the full January/February 2020 issue of Engineering Dimensions.