Ensuring smart cities are designed effectively and equitably

panel seated on stage
(L-R) David Wolfe, V. Kumar Murty, Enid Slack, Judy Farvolden, Patricia O’Campo, Rob Wright and Janice Stein at Understanding Smarter Cities, Nov. 2, 2017 (Photo: Shayla Anderson)

UTTRI Program Director Judy Farvolden and UTTRI-associated faculty Enid Slack and David Wolfe, took part in “Understanding Smarter Cities: What Happens Next?” co-sponsored by UTTRI and organized by the Urban Studies Program at Innis College.

Shauna Brail, Presidential Advisor on Urban Engagement and Director of the Urban Studies Program, introduced the November 2 public event.

As reported in U of T News’ U of T urban experts on how Toronto can become a smart, technologically connected city:

Universities have a unique opportunity to bridge the public and private realms in order to ensure smart cities are designed effectively and equitably, said Farvolden.

“This university has many people who have devoted their professional lives to understanding the drivers for social return on investment and the means to achieve them,” she said. “We can bring them together with the technologists to have a big impact here.”