Miller: How urban design affects transportation emissions

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Professor Eric J. Miller
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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

An interview with UTTRI Director Professor Eric Miller about how the design of cities affects our transportation emissions is featured in a podcast from In Over My Head, a series which centres on empowering citizens to take action on climate change.

The episode includes Miller’s discussion with the podcast host, Michael, about people’s travel behaviours within cities, the role of the car, public transit, urban form, connectivity, and density. They talk about the role of active transportation and the politics of urban transportation, and touch on the barriers to implementing change, and the organizational structure of urban transit. Finally, they offer strategies for citizens to get involved when it comes to making urban transportation more sustainable.


Transportation Part 5: Urban Design, Professor Eric Miller, In Over My Head, January 9, 2022 (30:00)

About In Over My Head

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Image: In Over My Head podcast

In Over My Head was born out of the Telus STORYHIVE 2020 Podcast Edition and was one of 16 projects chosen out of 700 applicants for funding. Through hands-on training and mentorship, Michael – an actor, filmmaker, podcast producer and host – made his show a reality. He looks forward to the show growing and educating people all over the planet on how to reduce their environmental footprint.

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