More efficient freight transport supported by proposed regulatory changes: Roorda

photo of Professor Matthew Roorda
Professor Matthew Roorda

UTTRI associated faculty Professor Matthew Roorda talks about improving the efficiency of freight transport in “Double-trailer trucks could soon be driving during GTA rush hour.” The CBC article discusses the Ontario government’s proposed regulatory changes which would remove restrictions for double-trailer trucks – also called long combination vehicles (LCVs) – on GTA roads during morning and evening rush hours.

Matthew Roorda, Canada Research Chair in Freight Transportation and Logistics, agreed that allowing multi-trailer trucks during rush hour may mean fewer trucks on the road overall.

“I don’t see it as simply adding more trucks to the road,” said Roorda, an engineering professor at the University of Toronto.

“It is changing the configuration of trucks.”

Roorda said he believes the number of trucks on the road is based on how much needs to be transported. This change gives companies the option to be more efficient, he said.

Roorda said he would also like to see other changes, such as changing noise bylaws so trucks can operate later in the day and changing parking policies so drivers can have more options for resting.

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