Papageorgiou lecture discussion continues in “Engaging Autopilot”

February 7, 2018

Olivia Da Silva’s article in today’s GTHA edition of Novae Res Urbis continues the conversation started by Professor Markos Papageorgiou and panel at Traffic Management for the 21st Century. Quoting from two of that evening’s panelists, Teresa Di Felice of CAA and Gregg Loane of the City of Toronto, the article highlights the need for cities to plan for technological changes to achieve the best results for society.

“Engaging Autopilots” by Olivia Da Silva
Posted with permission of the publisher of NRU Publishing Inc. Original article first appeared in Novae Res Urbis – GTHA Edition, Vol. 21, No. 6, Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

Professor Papageorgiou’s talk on February 1st was part of the Department of Civil+Mineral Engineering’s Distinguished Lecture Series and sponsored by CAA. Panelists were Teresa Di Felice, Director, Government & Community Relations, CAA; Stephen Erwin, Head, Intelligent Transportation Systems, MTO; Gregg Loane, Manager, ITS Capital Delivery, City of Toronto. Discussion was moderated by Baher Abdulhai, Professor and Director, Toronto Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre. Dr. Judy Farvolden, Program Director at the University of Toronto Transportation Institute, moderated the audience Q & A.

Civ+Min Distinguished Lecture Series, Markos Papageorgiou