Pilot Off-Peak Delivery Program shares final report


Researchers have released a report detailing the pilot project “Off-Peak Delivery Program in the Region of Peel” and their conclusions. The complete final report is available on the Smart Freight Centre website to view or download.

From the report’s introduction:

Off-peak delivery (OPD) is the delivery of goods during the evening and overnight hours. This strategy has the potential to alleviate congestion during peak periods and increase utilization of existing transportation infrastructure capacity. It can also offer greater efficiency to delivery firms by potentially reducing costs for the shippers and the receivers.

The purpose of this project is to initiate an OPD pilot in the Region of Peel. Lessons learned during this pilot will encourage the long-term goal of implementing a full time OPD program in Peel in the future.

Pilot Off-Peak Delivery Program in the Region of Peel. Final Report. Kianoush Mousavi, University of Toronto, Sabrina Khan, Region of Peel, Glareh Amirjamshidi, University of Toronto, Matthew Roorda, University of Toronto. January 30, 2020.