Region of Peel designated “UN Regional Centre of Expertise” supporting sustainable movement of people and goods

Congratulations to the Region of Peel, a leader in the area of goods movement and founder of the Smart Freight Centre, on being designated a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) officially acknowledged by the United Nations University.

RCE Peel will focus on improving goods movement and sustainable transportation within a collaborative entity of partners including the Smart Freight Centre.

The Smart Freight Centre looks forward to working with RCE Peel partners, and will support RCE Peel goals in the following ways:

  • Conduct a world-class program of research in goods movement and sustainable transportation
  • Continue to incorporate sustainability into a broad range of graduate and undergraduate courses in the transportation engineering curriculum at its partner universities.
  • Train a steady stream of graduate students with skills in analysis and modelling of goods movement and sustainable transportation
  • Disseminate our research broadly in the highest quality journals, conferences and other venues.

UTTRI will continue to support the Smart Freight Centre in leadership and governance roles, and with conduct and dissemination of research. 

The multi-stakeholder Global RCE Network promotes education for sustainable development. Launched in 2003, it consists of 179 RCEs around the world, including seven in Canada. 


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