Sami Hasnine wins the ITE Section Student Presentation Competition

Sami Hasnine won the first prize in the ITE 2016 Joint Student Presentation Competition (Graduate Level) for his presentation on the paper “Investigating the Interplay between the Attributes of At-fault and Not-At-Fault Drivers and their Associated Impacts on Occurrence and Severity of Traffic Accidents”. The paper is co-authored and supervised by Lu Li, Khandker M. Nurul Habib, Bhagwant Persaud and Amer Shalaby.

The Eighth Annual Joint Section Institute of Transportation Engineers Student Presentation Competition (Toronto, Hamilton Area, and Southwest Ontario Sections) was held in the ITS Lab at the University of Toronto on March 31. Students from McMaster University, Mohawk College, Ryerson University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Windsor and Western University participated.