Transport equity highlighted in Mobilizing Justice report

colourful GTA map overlaid with text. Map credit: Jeff Allen.
Map credit: Jeff Allen

Dr. Matthew Palm and UTTRI associated faculty Professor Steven Farber have just released Towards Transportation for All: The Mobilizing Justice Workshop Outcomes Report.

The report summarizes findings from the November 2019 “Mobilizing Justice” workshop which brought together researchers, government stakeholders, and industry. It provides an overview of the discussions, issues raised, outcomes and next steps identified during Mobilizing Justice.

Intended to raise the profile of transport equity issues in Canada today, the report discusses the equity impacts of new transportation technologies, while offering new avenues of inquiry and policy for academics and decision-makers.

The Mobilizing Justice project started with two goals: to develop a shared vision for equitable transportation planning among academics in Canada, and to identify the research needs of stakeholders preparing for the equity impacts of new mobility technologies.

The workshop also aimed to develop a network of researchers across Canada committed to inclusive and equitable transportation systems.

The Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) funded the event, along with several departments and offices across the University of Toronto campuses.

Download PDF of Towards Transportation for All: The Mobilizing Justice Workshop Outcomes Report in English, or en français, Vers le transport pour tous: Rapport des résultats du Workshop Mobilizing Justice.

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