Urban Transportation Policy Challenges for the GTA and Beyond


Seven panelists sit on high stools

Panelists L-R: Erik Verhoef, Drew Fagan, Alex Anas, Becca Nagorsky, Gilles Duranton, Iain Dobson, Moderator Nathaniel Baum-Snow.

A distinguished panel of six experts discussed urban transportation policy and economics from a variety of perspectives on March 22. The event was co-sponsored by the School for Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) and the Rotman School. SPPG Professor Jonathan Hall gave a welcome and opening statements. Rotman’s Professor Nathaniel Baum-Snow moderated.

UTTRI involvement extended from panelists – which included our Advisory Board members Drew Fagan and Iain Dobson – to attendance by several faculty, postdocs, students and staff.

Read more about the event on the School of Public Policy and Governance website.