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Mobility Network at the School of Cities


Introduction to “Mobility Network at the School of Cities”

Online Event

Please join us for a special virtual seminar from the new Mobility Network at the School of Cities on Friday, December 10th from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the UT-ITE's traditional weekly seminar time slot. Professor Eric Miller, Academic Director, and Dr. Judy Farvolden, Executive Director of the Mobility Network welcome all University of […]

Mobility Network presents “The Way Forward: Guiding transportation and land use planning”

Online Event

Transit service together with planning and policy that support transit-supportive densities that themselves lead to good social outcomes – reduced emissions, improved accessibility – can create a compelling context for realizing land use change. On the other hand, new highways increase the amount of space on which people can affordably live while reducing commuting times, […]

Mobility Network presents ‘The Way Forward: Leading the way to transportation equity’

Online Event

The past automobile-dominated century enabled unprecedented urban growth, economic development and social engagement, but negatively affected the environment, public health, and social equity. Do we know how mobility should be delivered to improve social and economic justice? How do we engage communities to learn from them about what they need? Speakers Heather Dorries is an assistant […]

Mobility Network presents ‘The Way Forward: Getting mobility to Net Zero’

Online Event

In its 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, the Federal Government pledges to make it easier for Canadians to switch to electric vehicles, promising millions for charging infrastructure, and incentive programs for purchasers of electric vehicles. It refers to the benefits of hybrid and electric buses, major public transit projects, like the Ontario Line, and notes that […]

Mobility Network presents ‘The Way Forward: Negotiating with robots in the public realm’

Online Event

Sidewalk robots can perform useful services like contactless, last-mile delivery, sidewalk clearing and inspection, and remote monitoring and security. They may also shift congestion from our streets to our sidewalks, competing for space in unpredictable, dynamic environments, and impeding accessibility. Are we ready to share our sidewalks with robots? Speakers Shauna Brail is an associate professor […]

Mobility Network presents ‘The Way Forward: Designing complete communities’

Online Event

How can the 3 Ds of density, land-use diversity and pedestrian-oriented designs reduce our lengthy work commutes and build healthy, safe, equitable, sustainable complete communities? Who do these communities include? What makes them complete? Speakers Margaret Kohn is a professor and the chair of the Department of Political Science, UTSC. Matti Siemiatycki is a professor at […]

Mobility Network presents ‘Harnessing intelligence in transportation systems’

Online Event

If you use a wayfinding app, if you idle at centrally controlled traffic lights, if your license plate is read as you get on the 407, or if the changeable message sign tells you how long it will take you to get across town — then you’ve been guided or governed by intelligent transportation systems […]

Transit Analytics Lab (TAL) 2022 Research Day

Online via Zoom

The Transit Analytics Lab (TAL) of the University of Toronto brings together transportation and technology researchers from across the University of Toronto, transit systems in the Golden Horseshoe area, and private sector technology providers and consultants. Among its objectives are to: foster innovation in transit data-driven tools (analytics) using advanced methods of data science, machine […]

Mobility Network Summer School: Planning More Equitable Transportation Systems

Galbraith Building, Room GB202 35 St. George Street 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, Canada

Call for applications Mobility Network calls for applications for "Planning More Equitable Transportation Systems," a two-day summer school taking place on July 18 and 19, 2022 at the University of Toronto's St. George campus. About the summer school With urban inequality on the rise, there is a growing understanding that government investments in infrastructure can […]

2022 Public Transit Short Courses

Galbraith Building, Room GB202 35 St. George Street 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, Canada

Download PDF of Public Transit Short Courses 2022 brochure High quality public transit is the linchpin of liveable cities. Not only does it enhance mobility, accessibility, economic productivity, and help address climate change, but the COVID pandemic also illustrated its critical role in public health and ensuring the mobility of essential workers. Transit has always […]