Dr. Judy Farvolden, Co-chair

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Dr. Judy Farvolden is the executive director of the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute. She is responsible for developing and maintaining government and industrial partnerships to support UTTRI operations on an on-going, sustainable basis. She develops collaborations among UTTRI faculty, and with government and industry partners, to address challenges and opportunities they address on behalf of our communities.

Dr. Farvolden is a professional engineer and a member of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. She is a member of the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s Smart Cities Working Group and the City of Vaughan Mayor’s Smart City Advisory Task Force. She serves on the advisory boards of the National Research Council Automotive and Surface Transportation Centre, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Urban Land Institute Toronto Chapter, and the editorial board of Electric Autonomous Canada.

UTTRI brings her back full circle to transportation research after two decades in financial risk management and banking technology, where she held senior management roles in professional services, research management, communications, business development and software development. Graduate studies in both urban planning and transportation and operations research have prepared her to collaborate effectively with large, multidisciplinary teams.

Phone: (416) 978-3357
Email: judy.farvolden@utoronto.ca

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