Michael J. Widener

Selected Professional Appointments

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Transportation and Health, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto

Head shot of Michael J. Widener
Michael J. Widener

Dr. Widener’s research is primarily focused on how health and healthy behaviours are affected by transportation systems in cities. He is active in professional academic communities, serving as a member on two TRB committees (Environmental Justice and Social and Economic Factors), and is co-chair of the Network of European Communications and Transport Activity Research (NECTAR) Cluster on Health and Social Factors.

Specialty Focus Areas

Health, access to food, transportation, urban geography, spatial analysis, agent-based modelling, parallel geocomputation, optimization modelling, and spatial statistics.

Phone: (416) 946-0270
Websiteswww.thinkingspatial.com, Food Activities, Socioeconomics, Time-use, and Transportation (FASTT) Study

UTTRI Faculty Snapshot, August 29, 2018