Shoshanna Saxe

Selected Professional Appointments

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering

head shot of Shoshanna Saxe

Professor Shoshanna Saxe

Shoshanna Saxe is an Assistant Professor in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure in the Department of Civil Engineering. Her research interests focus at the intersection of mega infrastructure development and long-term sustainability goals. Her main expertise is in life cycle greenhouse gas evaluation of rail infrastructure including the impacts of construction, operation, influence on travel behaviour and interactions with land use. Dr. Saxe carries out ex-post studies of working infrastructure to better understand the complex ways large-scale civil infrastructure interacts with society. Dr. Saxe holds a MSc in geotechnical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. She was previously a consulting engineer in Toronto where she worked on the design and construction of the York University Subway Station, the Eglinton Crosstown and the Billy Bishop Airport Tunnel, among other projects.

Specialty Focus Areas

Sustainable urban infrastructure; mega infrastructure; public transit.

Twitter: @shoshannasaxe