Survey Methods and Data Collection

ITS collect data through pervasive sensors then adapt the transportation system to the current situation and the users’ needs to optimize system performance. The back end of the system comprises data collection and analysis while the front end advanced information systems enable users to make more informed, safer and “smarter” use of the transportation network.

Waterfront Toronto Survey

The University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) is currently working on a mobile phone-based travel survey application in conjunction with Waterfront Toronto. The research project aims to investigate a new methodology for data collection and building of individual activity-travel diaries over a multi-week period (4 to 6 weeks).

Travel Survey Methods for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

The Data Management Group (DMG) within UTTRI hosted  a one-day workshop on travel survey methods issues and options for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  The workshop, held October 3, 2014 on behalf of the Transportation Information Steering Committee (TISC), provided transportation agencies in the GGA an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in travel survey methods from a distinguished panel of experts in the field and to discuss with their peers options for developing an improved data collection program for the GGH… READ MORE


Using Smartphones and Sensor Technologies to Automate the Collection of Travel Data

This research project is trying to answer the following three questions:How to continuously track location in a battery-friendly way? How to determine the possible activity at certain location? How to automatically detect transportation mode with a generic method?