TTS (Transportation Tomorrow Survey) 2.0

The purpose of the TTS 2.0 project is to develop the next generation of passenger travel survey methods for operational use in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH), by 2021 or earlier.

A proposal was submitted to and accepted by the Transportation Information Steering Committee (TISC), headed by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, which details a 3-year (April 2015-March 2018) research and the development program aimed at investigating and testing a broad range of alternative designs, leading to a recommended new, comprehensive passenger travel survey program for the GGH that addresses the region’s current and emerging data collection needs.

The 3-year R&D project involves an iterative process of methodological research and analysis, and the design and execution of a coordinated set of small-sample pilot tests and large-sample field tests.

The new survey program will provide GGH transportation agencies with a statistically reliable, credible, robust and cost-effective data collection program that will be ready for practical and sustainable implementation post-2016 TTS. For simplicity of discussion, this new implementation-ready data collection program is referred to herein as “TTS 2.0.”