The ITS Centre and Testbed

Baher ITS

The ITS Centre and Testbed of the University of Toronto provides an instrumented, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency transportation research and development environment linked to the traffic operations centres operated by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and the City of Toronto.  Researchers and students at the centre focus of the development, testing, and evaluation of ITS technologies and applications. It is also a meeting ground for public, academic, and private practitioners and researchers to explore new approaches to transportation system operations and management.

Addressing transportation problems involves a complex interplay between technology, human perception, cognition and behaviour, and social, economic, and political systems. Therefore, transportation research is inherently multi- and interdisciplinary. At the University of Toronto, our definition of ITS is broad and inclusive. It involves applying information and communication technologies and other advanced methods and techniques, such as machine learning, to improve transportation system performance and the overall economic and social well-being.

Baher Abdulhai, Department of Civil Engineering
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