Student-Industry Mixer

UTTRI News, April 4, 2017

Where are the best opportunities for work after studies in transportation engineering?

How can students’ technical and research skills be used to maximum advantage in industry projects?

Questions like these continue to inspire an annual evening of conversation and connection between transportation planning and engineering students and industry representatives.  The 2017 Student-Industry Mixer was held in the elegant Debates Room at Hart House on April 3rd.

This year’s reception was the networking opportunity of the year and well attended by students and transportation professionals alike. A sample of photos from the evening is shown below.

Yishu Pu, Chris Stogios, UofT
Tim Lai, City of Mississauga
Simon, Jeff and Simon of Trapeze
Registration Desk: Bo, Stephane Pham
Registration Desk: Stephane, Nancy, Paula
Sami with Kathryn Grond IBI
Sami Hasnine of UT-ITE
Sami Hasnine, UT-ITE
Steve and Glare, Parsons
Mustafa Ersin Sarıer, UofT
Michele Colley of LEA with Nancy Hui UofT
LEA: Michele, Karen, Kelsey
IBI's Andrew and Adam with Sami
Hart House signage
Group of three
Greg, IBI and Kelsey, Lea Consulting Ltd. with Prof. Matt Roorda, UofT
Recycling Name Badges
Ehab and Sami
Catering Display
Carmen and family
BA Group
Zahra Ansari, UofT
Young Professionals in Transportation hands spreading buttons on white tablecloth


Sponsors of the event comprised a variety of well-known organizations:

2017 marked the sixth annual Student-Industry Mixer hosted by the University of Toronto – Institute of Transportation Engineers Student Chapter (UT-ITE).

UT-ITE was founded in 1992 and aims to promote transportation to the university community, acquaint students with topics of interest in transportation and traffic engineering through talks and activities, and make connections with the broader Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) community. It is one of 17 ITE student chapters in Canada. Other activities of UT-ITE include the planning and execution of the “Friday Seminar Series” which runs September through March.