AV impact assessed in new project

Professor Khandker Nurul Habib‘s research project “Assessment of the Impacts of Autonomous Vehicle System on Transportation Demand in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area” received funding from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario’s Highway Infrastructure Innovations Funding Program.

The widespread implementation of Automated and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) is expected to create an unprecedented revolution in the travel patterns of urban residents. But, despite the rapid pace of AV technological innovation, our understanding of their potential consequences is widely based on assumptions and speculation. This project will replace guesswork with a foundation of hard science.

Professor Habib’s research team will collect data using a travel survey which will present potential AV contexts. The data will then be used to develop mathematical models to show the benefits and risks of AV technologies in factual scenarios.

The results of this project will provide a scientific framework for policy-making around AV technology.