Dr. Miguel Andres Figliozzi and the Use of Drones for Commercial Last-­Mile Deliveries

September 15, 2017

Introduction of speaker Professor Matt Roorda (top R) introduces Dr. Miguel Figliozzi (top L), September 15, 2017 (photo: T. Romancyshyn)

A special guest from Portland State University, Professor Miguel Andres Figliozzi presented a thought-provoking, detailed talk examining the theory and practice of using drones for commercial deliveries.

Please click here for a PDF of Dr. Figliozzi’s presentation file: Drones for commercial last-­mile deliveries: a discussion of logistical, environmental, and economic tradeoffs.

Prof. Figliozzi presentation Dr. Miguel Andres Figliozzi


Private companies and public officials are seeking sustainable and cost effective ways to green supply chains and freight deliveries. There is enthusiasm regarding the potential benefits that innovative technologies such as drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can generate. This presentation discusses key issues and insights that arise from modeling the economic, logistical, and environmental performance of UAVs.

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Dr. Miguel Andres Figliozzi

Dr. Miguel Andres Figliozzi is a Professor in the Civil and Environmental Department at Portland State University. Prof. Figliozzi directs the multidisciplinary Transportation Technology and People (TTP) lab and has published extensively in the area of vehicle technologies, urban deliveries, and routing-logistics.

This seminar was presented by the University of Toronto Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter.