Henshilwood shares expert advice and resources for transportation researchers

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Angela Henshilwood, U of T Engineering Librarian, gives seminar Feb. 7, 2020

Engineering Librarian Angela Henshilwood presented an informative talk designed to help those conducting transportation research get the most from University of Toronto library resources, many of which are open to non-students. Henshilwood’s February 7th talk “U of T library resources for transportation researchers,” part of the UT-ITE Friday Seminar Series, brimmed with time-saving tips and links to resources.

Here are some of Henshilwood’s recommended links for transportation researchers:

Henshilwood also provided advanced search techniques, like keyword mapping. She ended the seminar with citation management and other useful resources available at University of Toronto libraries. 

For more details view her presentation file PDF here: U of T Library Resources for Transportation Researchers, Angela Henshilwood, February 7, 2020

She invites any questions by email at angela.henshilwood@utoronto.ca.

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Angela Henshilwood with UT-ITE Vice-President, Kianoush Mousavi, Feb. 7, 2020

Short Biography

Angela Henshilwood has been a librarian at the Engineering & Computer Science Library since 2014. She is the liaison for several departments in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, including the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering. She holds a Master of Information Studies in Library and Information Studies from University of Toronto.