Testing of driverless cars on public roads to begin in California

Professor Baher Abdulhai, Research Director of Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (CATTS) weighed in on the February 26 article in The Verge, California green lights fully driverless cars for testing on public roads:

“This is an exciting leap ahead for automated and transformative transportation in California.  I hope we do the same in Canada.  Ontario is in the process of considering similar steps, allowing fully autonomous vehicles without a driver or even a driver seat and a steering wheel, on our roads.

At CATTS, we are keen on assessing the impacts of innovations in transportation technologies, particularly automation, and innovative provisioning of transportation as a service,  at the scale of cities. While we can do extensive research in virtual simulation environments in our labs, going to the field enables real-life testbeds, which is necessary.”