Baher Abdulhai

Selected Professional Appointments

  • Director, iCity Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS)
  • Director, Toronto Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre
  • Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada
Photo of Professor Baher Abdulhai

Professor Baher Abdulhai has 31 years of experience in transportation systems engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).  He has been a professor at the University of Toronto since 1998. He is the Director of the Toronto ITS Centre, the new i-City Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS), and the co-founder of the ONE-ITS research society. Abdulhai received several awards including IEEE Outstanding Service Award, Teaching Excellence award, and research awards from Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Research Fund, and Ontario Innovation Trust.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Government of Ontario (GO) Transit Authority from 2004 to 2006.  He served as a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in ITS from 2005 to 2010.  The ITS Centre won the Ontario Showcase Merit Award of Excellence and the National GTEC Bronze Medal Award in 2005.  His research team won international awards including the International Transportation Forum innovation award in 2010 (Hossam Abdelgawad), IEEE ITS 2013 (Samah El-Tantawy) and INFORMS 2013 (Samah El-Tantawy). In 2014, he won the University of Toronto Inventor of the Year Award. In 2015 he has been inducted as a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). In 2018, he won the prestigious CSCE Sandford Fleming (Career Achievement) Award for his contribution to transportation in Canada.

Specialty Focus Areas

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), modelling and simulation of large scale dynamic transportation networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based street and freeway traffic control, traveller information systems, emergency evacuation optimization, dynamic road pricing, pervasive and mobile ITS, open transportation services innovation and network enabled ITS, Intelligent Transportation System of Systems (ITSoS), smart cities under automated and transformative transportation systems.

YouTube: The traffic game – can traffic lights learn to be smart? Baher Abdulhai at TEDxUTSC

Phone: (416) 946-5036