iCity-ORF research informs City of Toronto report on Bloor Street bike lane pilot project

Head shot

Nancy Hui

October 12, 2017. Today’s CBC News online article by John Rieti, Bloor bike lane report highlights changes for cyclists, drivers, businesses: City council to decide whether or not to make bike lanes permanent at next meeting, closes with a reference to information provided by “University of Toronto researchers.”

The iCity-ORF project Urban Informatics for Sustainable Metropolitan Growth  provided the framework for the research initiative.  Nancy Hui carried out detailed research and analysis as an MASc student under the supervision of Professors Eric  Miller, Paul Hess, Shoshanna Saxe and Matthew Roorda. Nancy’s study explored the use of machine learning to automatically recognize dangerous events on streets with pedestrians, bicycles, and motorized vehicles.

Nancy’s work on near-miss collisions was particularly significant to decision-makers and received serious consideration by City of Toronto officials in their report.