iCity 2020 Research Days webinar series shares resources

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The annual iCity Urban Informatics Research Days went online this year with a five-webinar series hosted by UTTRI Executive Director Dr. Judy Farvolden June 8-17, 2020. Previous iCity Research Days were scheduled as a half-day event. This year, presentations were grouped by theme and five separate webinars held.

Intended to summarize, share and celebrate the research initiatives and innovations produced over the course of the project, the series wrapped up with a preview of research proposed for iCity 2.0.

Twenty speakers took part

Twenty speakers from University of Toronto, OCAD University, University of Waterloo, University of Regina, Esri Canada, and Maximum City took part.

iCity thanks speakers Ahmed Aqra, Dr. Hasan Bayanouni, Professor Jeremy Bowes, Anastassios (Tasos) Dardas, Olufunbi Disu-Sule, Professor Mohamed El-Darieby, Professor Steven Farber, Josh Fullan, Alaa Itani, Dr. Megan Katsumi, Michael Leahy, Dr. Greice C. Mariano, Professor Mehdi Nourinejad, Professor Eric J. Miller, Dr. Sara Diamond, Professor Matthew Roorda, Susie Saliola, Professor Amer Shalaby, Bo Wang and Ming Xiaomeng Xu.

Download PDF of iCity 2020 Research Days webinar series content: agendas, presentation descriptions and speakers’ short biographies.

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