iCity CASCON2018 Presentations

iCity researchers, technology partners and expert users’ groups presented a workshop October 31 as part of IBM’s 28th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON 2018). The workshop was designed and chaired by Dr. Sara Diamond, President, OCAD University.

The session, entitled iCity – Big Data and Visualization Urban Transportation Strategies, shared an overview of the philosophy, methodologies and research outcomes of the iCity virtual lab.

A detailed program of the workshop is posted on the CASCON2018 site. Presentations are shared below.

The iCity research project applies urban informatics – the combination of high-performance computing, massive “big data” sets, and advanced analysis, simulation and visualization software – to the analysis of major urban transportation problems.

CASCON iCity Workshop Presentations

Welcome and overview: Dr. Sara Diamond (OCAD U). iCity – Big data and visualization urban transportation strategies

Dr. Judy Farvolden (UTTRI), Jesse Coleman (City of Toronto). iCity: Urban informatics for sustainable metropolitan growth and the King Street Transit Pilot.

Megan Katsumi (UofT), Ajaz Hussain (OCAD U). The iCity Ontology and Supporting Visualizations.

Dr. Jeremy Bowes (OCAD U), Marcus Gordon (OCAD U). iCity: A “taxonomy” of “urban analytics” and “transportation” tools. Application and visualization.

Dr. Hasan Bayanouni (UofT), Prof. Amer Shalaby (UofT), Dr. Siva Srikukenthiran (UofT). Intelligent transportation system of systems.

Dr. Dena Kasraian (UofT), Michael Luubert (Esri Canada), Sneha Adhikari (UofT): Evaluating walkable streets with a 3D stated preference survey

Dr. Sara Diamond (OCAD U), Dr. Jeremy Bowes (OCAD U). iCity: Integrating qualitative analytics into transportation planning. Complete streets qualitative survey methods: The King Street Pilot.

Brent Hall (Esri Canada), David Kossowksy (Esri Canada), Michael Luubert (Esri Canada). Visualizing complex urban areas & traffic data in 2D & 3D.

iCity: Urban Informatics for Sustainable Metropolitan Growth, funded by the Ontario Research Fund (ORF), is a UTTRI-led collaboration with colleagues at OCAD-U and the University of Waterloo, and partners at the City of Toronto, Waterfront Toronto, Esri Canada, IBM Canada and Cellint.