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Bike lanes on Bloor Street: U of T partners with Miovision, City of Toronto to help evaluate pilot and track traffic safety

UTTRI Professor Matthew Roorda and masters’ student Nancy Hui are assessing the safety impact of the Bloor Street Pilot Bike Lanes Project.  Video data collected by Miovision and the City of Toronto since the opening of the bike lanes last August will be analyzed for “conflicts.”  Researchers hope that the new analytical techniques used will prove to… Read more »

Newly created Miovision Labs to continue work with UTTRI

Miovision Labs, a new division of Miovision, will continue working with UTTRI on conflict analysis using real-world data. Launched at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting in January, the new division within the company will focus on leveraging transportation data and smart traffic technology to take cities closer to embedding intelligence in urban infrastructure. Movision Labs is… Read more »

Living near major roads – new study results

UTTRI Faculty Michael J. Widener  was interviewed for a report aired on CBC’s flagship television news program The National on January 5, 2017. An expert in urban planning, Professor Widener was asked to comment after the release of results of an 11-year study showing that living close to heavy traffic was associated with a higher incidence of dementia. “Living near… Read more »

Congratulations Bradley Kloostra! Winner of CTRF undergrad student paper competition

“Fully Autonomous Vehicles: Simulating Transportation System Performance and Operating Scenarios in the Greater Toronto Area,” Bradley Kloostra’s undergraduate thesis, was chosen by the Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) as the winner of its Student Paper Competition in the Undergraduate Category, Past Presidents Award for 2015-2016. His thesis supervisor was Professor Matthew Roorda. The prize will be presented at the… Read more »

StudentMoveTO: An overview of early findings

In the fall of 2015, Toronto’s four universities collaborated on a massive data collection effort – StudentMoveTO – with the goal of collecting detailed data about where students live and travel throughout the day, as well as what factors influence how they schedule work, studies, and daily activities. Read An overview of early findings April 2016. See… Read more »

StudentMoveTO achieves a 10% response rate

  More than 7,000 University of Toronto students have filled out an unprecedented survey about their concerns while travelling to and from school. The survey was launched on Sept. 30 at Toronto City Hall, with the four universities in Toronto collaborating on the initiative. More than 13,000 post-secondary students responded, including more than 7,000 from U… Read more »

StudentMoveTO launched at City Hall Council Chambers

Aqsa Malik and Cyntia Kocan barely know each other but have something in common – the miserable commute they have to endure to get to U of T for classes. Malik and Kocan joined 200 university students at a symposium on public transit in Council Chambers at Toronto City Hall on Sept. 21. The event… Read more »

An Integrated Approach to Estimate Pedestrian Exposure to Roadside Vehicle Pollutants

Fangzhou Su, MASc Candidate April 4, 2014 In this project, a pedestrian micro-simulation software was integrated with a vehicle micro-simulation software to investigate the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles on urban streets. A vehicle emission generation model and emission dispersion model was included as well to estimate the concentration of roadside pollutants. Consequently, the pedestrians’… Read more »