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Yoram Shiftan explores the implications of automated vehicles

Dr. Yoram Shiftan presented a special distinguished guest lecture for the UT-ITE seminar series at the University of Toronto on November 22, 2017. He gave a broad overview of automated vehicles (AVs) exploring issues, opportunities, and research approaches. See Professor Shiftan’s presentation file PDF for Travel Behavior Implications of Automated Vehicles. There are many issues… Read more »

Under what conditions will consumers adopt and use AVs?

Professor Matthias Sweet of Ryerson presented “Autonomous Vehicles: Public Policy Considerations and Consumer Interest in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area,” based on joint paper with Kailey Laidlaw, for the UT-ITE Friday Seminar Series on November 10, 2017. In his presentation, Sweet discussed the results of a study gauging public interest, in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA),… Read more »

Chris Harding talks about travel survey smartphone apps

On October 6, Chris Harding shared a comparison of travel survey smartphone applications as part of the UT-ITE Seminar Series. In his talk “State of the art and potential of travel survey smartphone apps: Introducing ‘City Logger,’” he presented an overview of trip-tracking smartphone applications. Despite the large number of applications available, little is known… Read more »

Jason Hawkins discusses regional transportation models

Jason Hawkins talked about his recent work in the area of Fort McMurray, Alberta, at the UT-ITE Seminar on Friday, September 29th. In his presentation, “An Atypical RTM – Development of the RM of Wood Buffalo Regional Travel Model,” he discussed the challenges of developing a regional transportation model (RTM) for the region encapsulating Fort McMurray,… Read more »

Paula Nguyen’s analysis of streetcar bunching incidents

Paula Nguyen presented her MASc thesis, Determining the Factors that Influence the Probability and Time to Streetcar Bunching Incidents, at the UT-ITE Friday Seminar Series on September 22, 2017. Abstract Bunching is a common operational problem in surface transit systems with negative impacts on service quality and users’ perception. While many studies have focused on… Read more »

Dr. Miguel Andres Figliozzi and the Use of Drones for Commercial Last-­Mile Deliveries

September 15, 2017 A special guest from Portland State University, Professor Miguel Andres Figliozzi presented a thought-provoking, detailed talk examining the theory and practice of using drones for commercial deliveries. Please click here for a PDF of Dr. Figliozzi’s presentation file: Drones for commercial last-­mile deliveries: a discussion of logistical, environmental, and economic tradeoffs. Abstract Private… Read more »

Yishu (Roy) Pu on Union Station Rail Corridor Capacity Analysis

September 8, 2017 MASc Thesis Supervisor Professor Amer Shalaby introduces Yishu (Roy) Pu (photo: T. Romancyshyn) Yishu (Roy) Pu presented his MASc thesis as part of the UT-ITE Seminar Series on September 8, 2017.  His talk was well attended by professors, fellow students and guests and was followed by a lively discussion. Yishu Roy Pu,… Read more »

UT-ITE Seminar Series 2017-2018 season opens with Bo Wen

September 5, 2017 The UT-ITE Seminar Series (usually held on Fridays) opened today with Bo Wen at 1 p.m.  Bo presented his MASc thesis, “Data-Driven Mesoscopic Simulation of Large-Scale Surface Transit Networks” to an audience of fellow students, professors, research associates and visitors in the ITS Lab, SF3103. The UT-ITE Seminar Series continues this week… Read more »

Mahyar Jahangiriesmaili: Assessing the Impact of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on Canada’s Transportation System

On July 21, 2017, Mahyar Jahangiriesmaili presented his MASc thesis and discussed the results of his project researching the effects of CETA on Canada’s transportation system. Mahyar’s talk was well attended and a lively Q & A followed his presentation. Mahyar’s study investigated and assessed the potential impact of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)… Read more »