2016 Intelligent Transportation Research Day

December 2, 2016

 Optimized Time-Dependent Congestion Pricing System for Large-Scale Networks: Integrating Distributed Optimization, Departure-Time Choice and Dynamic Traffic Assignment Part I: Methodology Baher Abdulhai
Professor, Civil Engineering
Part II: Application to the GTA Aya Aboudina
Ph.D., Civil Engineering
ONE-ITS2.0 Automating Multi-Stakeholder ITS Cyber-Physical Service Integration in the Internet of Everything (IoT) Context Mohamed El-Shenawy
Ph.D., Civil Engineering
Development of a Multi-Modal Aimsun Model for the GTA: Current Progress Islam Kamel
Ph.D. candidate, Civil Enginering
Adaptive Ramp Metering A Case Study on the Gardiner Expressway Baher Abdulhai
Professor, Civil Engineering
Analytics, Performance Prediction, and Real-time Anomaly Detection and Notifications in Smart Transportation Alberto Leon Garcia
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Using air pollution sensors carried by cyclists and pedestrians to capture the spatio-temporal variability of air pollution in Toronto Marianne Hatzopoulou
Professor Civil Engineering
Nexus Large Scale Simulation Platform for Capacity Analysis and Emergency Planning of Multi Modal Transit Networks Amer Shalaby
Professor, Civil Engineering
Siva Srikukenthiran
Ph.D., Civil Engineering
Towards Mitigating Teenagers Distracted Driving Behaviours A Social Norms Approach Maryam Merrikhpour
Ph.D. candidate, Industrial Engineering
ATMS_ATM Initiatives and Vision at the City of Toronto Gregg Loane, Manager ITS Capital Delivery, City of Toronto
Prospects for Autonomous Vehicles in Ontario Roy Hulli, ITS Program,  Ministry of Transportation