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Farber, Allen study Ontario Line for Metrolinx

UTTRI associated faculty Professor Steve Farber and PhD student Jeff Allen co-authored the report “The Ontario Line: Socioeconomic Distribution of Travel Time and Accessibility Benefits” for Metrolinx, which featured an […]

foundations profiles UTTRI associated faculty

Four UTTRI associated faculty were among those profiled in the first issue of foundations, the new magazine of the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering. Professor Shoshanna Saxe‘s New York […]

Imani, Miller, Saxe on cycling accessibility in Toronto

UTTRI postdoctoral fellow Ahmadreza Faghih Imani, Director Professor Eric Miller and associated faculty Professor Shoshanna Saxe co-authored “Cycle accessibility and level of traffic stress: A case study of Toronto” which was published in Journal of Transport […]
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