Mobility Network’s “The Way Forward” panel discussion series

Discussion Series header with title The Way Forward and subheading Diverse Perspectives. Piviotal mobility conversations.

Spring 2022 – Tuesdays, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Online. Registration for each event is required.

Past sessions

MAY 31        Harnessing intelligence in transportation systems 

Amer Shalaby | Baher Abdulhai | Birsen Donmez | Florian Shkurti (moderator)

MAY 10        Designing complete communities

Margaret Kohn | Matti Siemiatycki | Robert Wright | Eric Miller (moderator)

APRIL 26      Negotiating with robots in the public realm

Shauna Brail | Ron N. Buliung | Matthew J. Roorda | Hugh H.T. Liu (moderator)

APRIL 12       Getting mobility to Net Zero

Matthew Adams | Matthew Hoffmann | Shoshanna Saxe| Marianne Hatzopoulou (moderator)

MARCH 29    Leading the way to transportation equity

Heather Dorries | Steve Farber | Angelina Grigoryeva | Michael J. Widener (moderator)

MARCH 15    Governing transit and integrated mobility

Theresa Enright | Elena Goracinova | André Sorensen | Judy Farvolden (moderator)

MARCH 1       Guiding transportation and land use planning 

Nathaniel Baum-Snow | Drew Fagan | Christopher D. Higgins | Judy Farvolden (moderator)