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Big Data and intelligent interfaces

iCity co-investigator and OCAD University president Sara Diamond and colleagues published an article on the need for designers and artists to help spread data literacy by building intelligent interfaces. Two examples of how researchers at OCAD University are contributing to this now are the iCity project and StudentMoveTO. As reported in the Globe and Mail… Read more »

UTTRI partners with the City of Toronto and Miovision to study the impact of “bike lanes on Bloor”

UTTRI is partnering with the City of Toronto and Miovision to capture and analyze multi-modal traffic data to study safety and other changes to traffic operations during the pilot project.  Multi-modal video traffic counts and GPS tracked travel time analysis studies are being conducted by Ontario Traffic Inc. and parking utilization data is being collected… Read more »

Big Transportation Data for Big Cities, June 12-15, 2016

UTTRI and the City of Toronto will host a conference on the theme Big Transportation Data to highlight opportunities for municipalities to make practical use of new forms of urban transportation data to better understand, measure, operate and plan their transportation networks. The Big Transportation Data for Big Cities Conference will bring together municipal transportation… Read more »

Sami Hasnine wins the ITE Section Student Presentation Competition

Sami Hasnine won the first prize in the ITE 2016 Joint Student Presentation Competition (Graduate Level) for his presentation on the paper “Investigating the Interplay between the Attributes of At-fault and Not-At-Fault Drivers and their Associated Impacts on Occurrence and Severity of Traffic Accidents”. The paper is co-authored and supervised by Lu Li, Khandker M. Nurul… Read more »

StudentMoveTO: An overview of early findings

In the fall of 2015, Toronto’s four universities collaborated on a massive data collection effort – StudentMoveTO – with the goal of collecting detailed data about where students live and travel throughout the day, as well as what factors influence how they schedule work, studies, and daily activities. Read An overview of early findings April 2016. See… Read more »

Freight Day V discussions on urban commercial vehicle parking

In his article “Loading Zone Challenges for Downtown Urban Goods Movement”, George Liu reported on the presentations and discussions on the subject of urban commercial vehicle parking. “Goods movement presents a unique challenge to business properties along urban streets that lack dedicated loading bays for couriers and delivery trucks. Given limited options and the large size of delivery… Read more »

Curbside Management with SFpark

In his article “Metered Parking”, George Liu reported on our presentation and panel discussion with Jay Primus, ex-project manager at SFpark. “Surface parking is disappearing in downtown Toronto as cranes transform asphalt lots into buildings. Driven by increasing population density, curbside competition often sparks conflicts among loading, parking and thru traffic functions. In a presentation to the University of Toronto Transportation Research… Read more »

Judy Farvolden joins the WTS Toronto Area Chapter Board

In January 2016, Judy Farvolden will begin a two-year term on the board of the WTS Toronto Area Chapter and will serve as its secretary. WTS is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women. The recently established Toronto Area Chapter provides networking, professional development, education and mentoring… Read more »

Driving Changes: Automated Vehicles in Toronto

“Driving Changes: Automated Vehicles in Toronto“, by David Ticoll, Distinguished Research Fellow in the Innovation Policy Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs is part of a broader UTTRI project to provide City of Toronto decision makers with the information they need to identify and evaluate short and medium term policy, planning and investment… Read more »

StudentMoveTO achieves a 10% response rate

  More than 7,000 University of Toronto students have filled out an unprecedented survey about their concerns while travelling to and from school. The survey was launched on Sept. 30 at Toronto City Hall, with the four universities in Toronto collaborating on the initiative. More than 13,000 post-secondary students responded, including more than 7,000 from U… Read more »